About Us

Furuiwen International B.V. is an international trade Co, Ltd specializing in imports and exports from China to South-East Asia and Western Europe. Our headquarter is located in Hong Kong and we also have offices in Singapore, China and the Netherlands. Our company strives to bring our customers the lowest price possible while not compromising quality. We have more than 40 years of comprehensive experiences in the management of manufacturing projects and supply chain. Our partners comprises of factories and enterprises from all industry sectors.

Furuiwen International B.V. owns 3 other subsidiaries in other fields of business.


Mission is to enable everyone to enjoy the better things in life. Why pay more, when you can get the same for less…

Products We strive to make all our products as affordable as possible while not compromising quality or style.

Partners and Suppliers We cherish every relationship we share with each company and we try to make the best out of it. Not only for us but also for you.

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