Wine Wholesale Concept

Grand Opening in September 2009!

This revolutionary wine wholesale concept was created because of our passion for great wine from all over the world.  Wine is highly underrated in China and with this wine wholesale (the biggest in our city of Dongguan in the GuangDong Province), we hope to restore the name that is well deserved to wine.  Our customers include the local government agencies, supermarkets, hotels..etc.


Our company would like to expand into the concept of a chain of wholesale points (in 10 different locations) in the various major cities of China with high population and demand for wine.  Our headquarters will be based in DongGuan where we will also have 4000m² exhibition hall for our customers. The exhibition hall exists for various reasons. Firstly, it is a venue where our customers come to view our wine assortment. Secondly, we will be monitoring the demands and requirements of our customers in our headquarters and based on the results and preference of our customers we will place our orders. Thirdly, it is also to showcase and promote the winery behind the wines and to build recognition for our cooperating wineries.

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Successful Partnerships

We have one of the strongest connections with quality local wineries and exclusive distributor rights for the only winery in China with hand made wine.

We have consistent good relationships with trustworthy foreign wineries and they provide us with the best quality wines.


We have strong collaboration and connections with local consumption markets and government which provides a steady demand for our wines.

  Professionals in the Chinese Market

Furuiwen International Development B.V.

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